Измерительные системы для исследования потоков жидкости и газа
Измерительные испытательные системы
численное моделирование   /   шум вибрация давление
динамика потоков жидкости и газа
оборудование для краш испытаний   /  метрология
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Simcenter Anovis


Simcenter Anovis easily integrates into end-of-line (EoL) test benches or production lines to ensure both product and process manufacturing quality. Our testing system combines all necessary sensors, accurate sound and vibration signal recording hardware, smart signal analysis, and flexible test bench control software to precisely perform pass or fail checks and to deliver a formal proof that the part meets its specifications or that the machine operates safely.

The reliability of our assessment features is secured by standard Measurement System Analysis (MSA) methods as known in Quality Assurance (QA). Based on innovative sound and vibration-based fault detection algorithms, which combine automatic limit adaptation with classic NVH measurement features, Simcenter Anovis automatically identifies product or process anomalies within seconds.

Our proven test procedures, based on decades of industry expertise, optimize for the shortest possible cycle time. Our standardized system easily adapts to a wide range of automotive applications, ranging from end-of-line testing of rotating machinery, over non-destructive component testing using acoustic resonance testing (ART), and up to production machine monitoring with vibration and sound analysis.